GRUNT (Grass Roots US National Tour) is a network designed to support artists who are emerging in their touring experience through a shared curatorial process. GRUNT facilitates cross-community relationships that will simultaneously allow artists to discover mutual trends and challenges within the current domestic dance making climate. GRUNT identifies the need to foster a curatorial lens for contemporary dance by providing mid career artists with the necessary tools to expand their national presence. These artistic voices have garnered consistent support in their local communities and are prepared to expand their performance presence. By building an exchange of regional artist work, presentation and dialogue amongst choreographers, GRUNT seeks to amplify these voices in both the creation of new work and in leadership roles of curator and presenter.

GRUNT seeks to develop new audiences for dance through the national touring of independent contemporary dance and performance. Dance artists working in different communities across the nation inherently reflect the regional concerns in their work. The sharing of original dance works has the opportunity to build a national consciousness and understanding of regional concerns, to showcase the dance communities’ creativity and diversity and to ultimately grow the national appreciation for dance.